Double 5W LED Solar Garden Light

Beautiful double led light source solar garden light with 2 meters to 3 meters light pole, double 5w led light sources for park, garden landscape lighting.

The configuration of 2-3M Beautiful Double 5W LED Solar Garden Light:

Designed on averaged insolation 5 kWh/m2/day
Lighting time: 10-12 hours/night; 3-4 backup overcast or rainy days
Double 5W super bright LED lamps, pure white
2-3 meters steel or aluminum garden light pole with fittings
40Wp monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panel
12V/50AH maintenance free sealed gel battery
12V/10A waterproof intelligent solar controller IP67
12V/80AH buried or on bottom battery box
Cable and fasteners

Double 5W LED Solar Garden Light
Double 5W LED Solar Garden Light
Configurations of LED Solar Garden Lights designed on 5 kWh/m2/day:
LED Lamp Proposed Light Pole Solar Panel Gel Battery Solar Controller Battery Box
5 W 2-3M 20Wp 12V/24AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
7 W 2-3M 30Wp 12V/33AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
9 W 3-4M 40Wp 12V/38AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/38AH
12 W 3-4M 50Wp 12V/55AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
15 W 4-5M 70Wp 12V/70AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
18 W 4-5M 80Wp 12V/80AH 12V/24V 5A 12V80AH
20 W 5-6M 90Wp 12V/90AH 12V/24V 5A 12V/120AH

1. Designed on averaged insolation 5 kWh/m2/day
2. Lighting time: 10-12 hours/night; 3-4 backup overcast or rainy days
3. Warranty: 2 years

Description and main technical parameters of double led solar garden light:

1. Solar Panel: 15W-90W monocrystalline or polycrystalline
2. Light source: 3W-20W LED lamp or energy-saving lamp
3. Solar controller: intelligent controller with time control & light control, over-charging and discharging protections etc.
4. Storage battery: 17AH-90AH gelled valve-regulated sealed battery for solar lighting
5. Light pole: 2 meters to 5 meters, plastic coated after hot dipped galvanizing.
6. Ambient temperature: -30 centidegree to +60 centidegree
7. Lighting time: 8-12 hours per night, 3-6 overcast or rainy days (as per request).
8. System voltage: DC12V

The below points of solar garden light are required for design and quotation:

1. The final installation place (Country & City name)?
2. Lighting time per night & backup rainy or cloudy days?
3. LED lamp watts, light pole height, and pole style? (please refer to our Solar Garden Lights)
4. The total quantity to be installed?

Please email us above infromation, we’d like to design the best configuration and save the money for you.


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