HW-15L Solar Guardrail Reflector

Solar guardrail reflector light for guardrail security warning lighting, powered by solar cell, needn’t wiring, easy installation.

The main parameters of solar guardrail reflector

Solar Reflector for Guardrail

    1. Model: HW-15L
    1. Product Name: Solar Reflector (left/right-flash, left/right-constant)
    1. Solar cell: monocrystalline silicon (2.5V, 160MAH, 0.3W)
    1. Storage battery: Ni-MH (1.2V,1200mAH)
    1. Light source: Super Bright Leds
    1. LED quantity:¢8mm, 1 or 3 pcs
    1. Luminous mode: flash or constant type (standard luminosity intensity)
    1. Work time: 180 hours above for flash type; and more than 50 hours for constant type
    1. Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.
    1. Material of light: Soft PVC
    1. Waterproof grade IP>67
    1. Life: >5 years (Ni-MH)
    1. View distance: over 800m, mcd≥2000
    1. Warranty: 14 months

Led color : red, green, blue, white, orange or as per request

Packing of solar guardrail lamp

Mini. Order Quantity: 48pcs (one carton)
Carton size: 53*49*50cm (48PCS)


solar reflector

solar led guardrail cat eye


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